Chinese People It's All The Same

  • 7 10
  • 2019
  • 23min
Chinese People It's All The Same
  • Original Title: Chinês É Tudo Igual

This independently filmed short film is a glance at the Chinese community in Brazil, with all its nuances, stereotypes and unexpected particularities.

Chinese People It's All The Same

AWARDS: Best short, Best sound, Best art, Best editing. Kinoarte Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Olhar de Cinema International Film Festival/ Kinoarte Film Festival

Chinese people it´s all the same. Oriental roots in Brazil

All the way across the world, there is a great nation. They say everything there is backwards. 

Behind their slanted eyes, immigrants carry with them their ancient eastern traditions. With its Lusitanian (?) accents, Neo-Pentecostal beliefs (?), and customized tricycles (?), they came searching for better lives. 

Chinese pray, Chinese runs, Chinese do the samba. After all, as everyone knows, "Chinese people it´s all the same". This is a film about chinese immigration in Brazil.

Dê Kelm
Dê Kelm Director

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