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Children Like Any Other

  • 0 10
  • 1995
  • Nonemin
Children Like Any Other
  • Bosnian

This is a film that shows portraits of three children who lived in Sarajevo during the siege. Through their stories the film tries to give a picture of youngsters who live in the war for three and a half years and their efforts to overcome the trauma. The stories are seemingly separate, but the thread that connects them is a three-year-old boy who on his tricycle constantly wanders the streets of Sarajevo, passing everywhere and always seeing everything. He takes us from one child to another, opening up before us a picture of the bizarre life of children in Sarajevo.

Children Like Any Other
  • Bosnian
Pjer Žalica
Pjer Žalica Director
Milenko Uherka
Milenko Uherka Camera Operator, Director of Photography

Production Companies

SaGa Production