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Chamje Khola

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
Chamje Khola
  • Original Title: Chamje Khola

One of the biggest canyoning exploration in the world. The Chamje canyon is situated right in the heart of Nepalese Himalaya, between the massifs of Annapurnas (8091m) and of Manaslu (8163m). The Himalayan canyon team, a French association, opened there since 2004 around thirty canyons , but it will have been necessary to wait for 2011 to be ready to face the monster whom is Chamjé Khola. Its exploration will have required 5 days of non-stop effort, with a very delicate and snowy access at high altitude, for a total canyon's length of 7km and 2300m of made uneven! Led by Rodolphe Sturm, we can appreciate perfectly how the team got ready, faced the severe problems it had to confront, and how the alchemy between these strong personalities, left an unwavering energy.

Chamje Khola
  • Country: France
  • Original Title: Chamje Khola
Laurent Triay
Laurent Triay Director
Rodolphe Sturm
Rodolphe Sturm Rodolphe Sturm
Yann Ozoux
Yann Ozoux Yann Ozoux
Lionel Rias
Lionel Rias Lionel Rias

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