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Cesar's Grill

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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
Cesar's Grill
  • Spanish

In order to rescue his father's ramshackle grill restaurant, filmmaker and vegetarian Dario Aguirre is traveling back to his homeland Ecuador. What starts out as a strange debate about opening times, chips and Excel spread sheets, develops into a moving family drama.

Cesar's Grill
  • Spanish
Dario Aguirre
Dario Aguirre Director, Writer
Franziska Reck
Franziska Reck Producer
Britta Strampe
Britta Strampe Production Controller
Thomas Tielsch
Thomas Tielsch Dramaturgie, Producer...
Santiago Oviedo
Santiago Oviedo Director of photography
Andres Galarza
Andres Galarza Sound Recordist
Julia Cöllen
Julia Cöllen Producer

Production Companies