Cats in Japan: "Kanazawa 2"

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  • 2020
  • 21min
Cats in Japan: "Kanazawa 2"
  • Original Title: Cats in Japan: "Kanazawa 2"

In his new chapter journeys through the historic streets of Kanazawa and the serene Noto Peninsula, discovering the charming cats that add a unique warmth to these traditional Japanese towns.

Cats in Japan: "Kanazawa 2"

Cats in Japan - Historic, Tranquil, Charming


This episode from the "Cats in Japan" series takes viewers on a picturesque journey through Kanazawa, a city steeped in history and tradition, where the essence of old city culture remains vibrant. The documentary also explores the tranquil and scenic Noto Peninsula, often described as a glimpse into Japan's childhood. As viewers are guided through the historic streets of Old Kanazawa and across the serene landscapes of the Noto Peninsula, they are introduced to the charming cats that inhabit these areas, adding a unique and heartwarming dimension to these culturally rich locales.

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