Cats in Japan: "Hotels 3"

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  • 2020
  • 21min
Cats in Japan: "Hotels 3"
  • Original Title: Cats in Japan: "Hotels 3"

Another new chapter of the incredible series Cats in Japan. Discover the tranquil beauty of Shima Onsen in Japan, where legendary healing waters and the town's beloved cats create a peaceful and harmonious oasis.

Cats in Japan: "Hotels 3"

 Cats in Japan - Tranquil, Healing, Picturesque

This captivating documentary transports viewers to the picturesque Shima Onsen in Gunma Prefecture, where the serene Shima River flows through the town. This episode delves into the rich history and legends surrounding the healing properties of the water, integral to the town's identity. The documentary beautifully captures the peaceful harmony between the natural landscape and the town's feline residents, who add a layer of charm and tranquility to this idyllic setting. It's a celebration of the unique relationship between the people of Shima Onsen, their beloved cats, and the legendary healing waters that define their community. 

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