Cats in Japan: "Hokkaido 3"

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  • 2018
  • 21min
Cats in Japan: "Hokkaido 3"
  • Original Title: Cats in Japan: "Hokkaido 3"

In this chapter, explore Hokkaido's wild heart: from winter's icy grip to summer's tender bloom, witness nature's cat's resilience and rebirth.

Cats in Japan: "Hokkaido 3"

Cats in Japan - Hokkaido, Wildlife, Resilience

In the majestic northern region of Hokkaido, this documentary explores the lives of animals amidst the splendor of nature. It captures their struggle and resilience through the harsh winter, leading up to the much-anticipated arrival of summer. The film portrays a vivid tableau of wildlife, showcasing their strength and adaptability as they thrive in the contrasting seasons of this remarkable landscape.

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