Cats in Japan: "Cats and their Hats"

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  • 2018
  • 23min
Cats in Japan: "Cats and their Hats"
  • Original Title: Cats in Japan: "Cats and their Hats"

In this fun episode, you'll see the cats' fantastic fashion adventures, from trying on knit hats to inspiring a comic book artist's sock line to proudly wearing their own portraits.

Cats in Japan: "Cats and their Hats"

Cats in Japan -  Cats, Fashion, Creativity

This light-hearted documentary captures the quirky and adorable world of cats and their unique fashion statements. Viewers are treated to scenes of a cat modeling a variety of knitted hats, each adding to its distinct personality. The film also introduces a cat living with a renowned comic book artist, who has become a muse for a line of socks inspired by its image. Another charming feline character is seen proudly wearing its own picture around its neck, showcasing the special bond and creative inspiration these pets provide to their human companions.

Production Companies

Leomark Studios

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