Carnival of Animals

  • 9 10
  • 2006
  • 10min
Carnival of Animals
  • Original Title: Karneval zvířat

Discover a world where two societies, driven by desire and confrontation, navigate the opulent dance of attraction in a musical journey through luxury, decadence, and the primal yearning for connection.

Carnival of Animals

OFFICIAL SELECTION: IDFA. International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam

Carnival of Animals - Sensual, Opulent, Confrontational

This animated documentary presents a musical and erotic fantasy, exploring the intricate dance of attraction and desire between males and females, men and women. Set against a backdrop of two distinct societies in confrontation, it delves into the deep-seated longing for connection and the complex interplay of seduction. Through a lavish display of the body's delights, the film captures the essence of yearning and excitement, weaving a tapestry of luxury and decadence. It's an exploration of the eternal quest for intimacy and the sensual dynamics that drive human interaction, all encapsulated within a mesmerizing musical narrative.

Production Companies

Negativ Film Productions

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