Call it the Burning

  • 9 10
  • 2021
  • 35min
Call it the Burning
  • Original Title: On la nomme la brûlure

A coroner and mourning mothers piece together the tragic tale of a young castaway and the perilous journey that claimed many lives.

Call it the Burning

Call it the Burning - A young castaway who wanders in search of the truth

Off the Tunisian coast, a coroner examines the body of a young castaway and begins a quest for truth. She wonders who he was, what he saw, and what drove him to the deadly crossing. Her internal questions intertwine with the voices of mourning mothers, who share dreams of their lost sons and recount the desperation that led them to risk their lives at sea.

In one tragic night, nine boys from the same village attempted the perilous journey, but only one survived to tell the tale. This gripping documentary explores these intertwined stories, seeking justice and understanding amid the echoes of sorrow.

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