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  • 2015
  • Nonemin
  • English, Spanish, Italian, Korean

This documentary explores a vivid and unmatched perspective to the existence of coffee in our daily lives. Expanding production to United States, Italy, India, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, the film takes coffee enthusiasts on a trip that will transcend their knowledge of the beverage and get them close to a human reality they haven't experienced before.

  • English, Spanish, Italian, Korean
Hanh Nguyen
Hanh Nguyen Director, Writer
Vishal Solanki
Vishal Solanki Director, Story
Danny Glover
Danny Glover Coffee Lover
Jeremy Adams
Jeremy Adams Cellar Door Roasters
Katie Leclerc
Katie Leclerc Coffee Lover
John Savage
John Savage Himself

Production Companies

Running Reel Films

Evoke Mediaworks