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Bundok Banahaw, Sacred and Profane

  • 0 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Bundok Banahaw, Sacred and Profane
  • Original Title: Bundok Banahaw, Sacred and Profane

While Mt. Banahaw is the place where fertile streams of spirituality, mysticism, the occult, and the environment combine to provide a potent ground for the transmission and exchange of secret and sacred knowledge, it can be said to be a bazaar peddling bizarre mysteries.

Bundok Banahaw, Sacred and Profane
Dempster Samarista
Dempster Samarista Co-Producer, Director
Regiben Romana
Regiben Romana Director of Photography
Choice Israel
Choice Israel Director of photography
Theo Lozada
Theo Lozada Director of photography
Bianca Basilio
Bianca Basilio Editor, Director of photography
Ronald Arguelles
Ronald Arguelles Executive Producer
Jobelle Catequista
Jobelle Catequista Co-Producer

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