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Bums and Dogs

  • 0 10
  • 1993
  • Nonemin
Bums and Dogs
  • Bosnian

A hotel in the centre of town is a war-time home and refuge for many of Sarajevo's homeless people. Every morning they leave the hotel and wander around the destroyed city gathering again at the defunct hotel in the afternoon. This film follows their separate fates through the bitter comparing of images of the bums with those of dogs abandoned by their owners and now left et the mercy of the war ravaged streets of Sarajevo.

Bums and Dogs
  • Bosnian
Zlatko Lavanic
Zlatko Lavanic Director, Screenplay
Veselin Uljarevic
Veselin Uljarevic Lighting Technician
Fuad Mulahasanovic
Fuad Mulahasanovic Sound Recordist

Production Companies

Ismet Arnautalic

Ademir Kenovic