Bulky Trash

  • 9 10
  • 1991
  • 74min
Bulky Trash
  • Original Title: Sperrmüll

A young punk musician in East Berlin clings to his cultural identity as the Berlin Wall falls and his family moves west.

Bulky Trash

Bulky Trash - Punk musician defies Berlin Wall's fall

East Berlin, summer 1989. Enrico, a young East Berliner, quits his apprenticeship to focus on his punk band Sperrmüll (Bulky Trash), formed with friends from their high-rise housing development. Using discarded materials to create music, he channels his frustrations with his family, politics, and his country.

As the Berlin Wall crumbles and his mother and sister move to West Berlin, Enrico clings to his beliefs, determined to preserve his cultural identity amid the sweeping changes of reunification.

Production Companies

DEFA-Studio für Dokumentarfilme

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