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Broadway or Bust

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  • 2012
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Broadway or Bust

PBS is bound for Broadway with a three-hour primetime documentary series that tracks the real life stories of America’s top high school musical performers, vying in the ultimate competition to find the nation’s best young theater stars. Part competition, part performance, and part non-fiction drama, the series starts in regional competitions, where judges select the best performers in the country. The 60 finalists then descend on Broadway, where they plunge into the eye of the theatrical storm for one intense week of rehearsals, coaching, mentoring, performance and competition. The week culminates in The National High School Musical Theater Awards , a one night, star-studded event held at the Minskoff Theatre in New York. Here the judges select and anoint the nation’s leading male and female high school musical theater performers. Follow the build-up and the heartbreak, the drama and disappointment. It’s BROADWAY OR BUST, on PBS.

Broadway or Bust
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Bruce Walker Title Graphics
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Michael Brooks Production Office Assistant
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Adam Cohen Production Office Assistant
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Brandy Henriquez Production Office Assistant
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Dorina Parker Production Office Assistant
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O'Neil Zapata Production Office Assistant
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Dyanna Halick Production Intern
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