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Break Through

  • 6.6 10
  • 2013
  • 60min

A play staged by theatre students becomes a subversive piece to stand for LGBT rights.



OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Out Twin Cities Film Festival/ Orlando Film Festival/ South Texas Underground Film Festival/ Central Florida Film Festival/ Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival/ Your Normal LGBT Film Festival/ Out In The Desert Film Festival/ Durban Gay and Lesbian Film Festival/ Poland LGBT Film Festival/ Belize International Film Festival

Break Through, Standing up for your LGBT rights

“Break Through” documents the creative process of an American theatre group during the preparations for the staging of a piece that confronts the prejudices and taboos about the sexual diversity that members of the LGBT community usually suffer.

Gabrielle, the young director of the play, who recently told her parents about her bisexuality, unveils her own personal experience so that the viewer can introduce himself to the subject right in the beginning of the film.

Along with Gabrielle, there is also Alex, the dramatist behind the text of the play. With only a few weeks left for the premiere of the play, she has once again resumed smoking because there are still many details to improve.

For them and the whole team, the goal is not only to create a fine piece of art that serves to raise awareness about the rights of the LGBT community, but something much more transcendental: to overcome the prejudices suffered by all people who are ignored by the society.

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