Braving The Waves

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  • 2016
  • 89min
Braving The Waves
  • Original Title: Braving The Waves

In Southern Iran, a determined Roghieh fights to protect a women's bazaar, a beacon of empowerment, from being razed by a politician's vision for a new shopping mall.

Braving The Waves


Braving The Waves - Empowerment of the community women

In the heart of Southern Iran, Roghieh's initiative to foster economic independence for women through a thriving bazaar she founded became a beacon of hope for over 800 workers. However, their collective endeavor and newfound empowerment are under siege by a local politician's ambitions to replace their sanctuary of progress with a commercial shopping mall.

This documentary captures the tension between tradition and progress, the strength of community bonds, and the resilience required to stand up against institutional challenges, portraying a gripping struggle for survival, dignity, and the preservation of a lifeline for many.

Mina Keshavarz
Mina Keshavarz Director

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