Boys and Bows

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  • 2017
  • 59min
Boys and Bows
  • Original Title: Boys and Bows

At a rural school in South Korea, a youth archery team prepares to make history at the inter-school championship.

Boys and Bows

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: DMZ Docs Film Festival/ EBS International Documentary Festival

Boys and Bows. The great little archers

At a humble middle school in the countryside of South Korea, a youth archery team tries to excel in the inter-school championship.

Although archery remains an unpopular sport in the country, in the school system the hobby is associated with a certain prestige, and each school strives to be the best in the championship.

But things are not easy for these small competitors, as their school is one of the most humble in the circuit. If they want to win, they will have to give more than 100% of their effort.

Donghan Lee
Donghan Lee Director

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Sonagi Communication

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