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Boy 23

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Boy 23
  • Portuguese

The film accompanies the investigation of the historian, Sidney Aguilar after the discovery of bricks marked with Nazi swastikas in the interior of São Paulo. They then discover a horrifying fact that during the 1930's, fifty black and mulato boys were taken from an orphanage in Rio de Janeiro to the farm where the bricks were found. There they were identified by numbers and were submitted to slave labor by a family that was part of the political and economic elite of the country and who did not hide their Nazi sympathizing ideals. At age 83, two survivors of this Brazilian tragedy, Aloísio Silva (the “boy 23”) and Argemiro Santos, as well as José Alves de Almeida's (“Two's”) family, tell their stories for the first time.

Boy 23
  • Portuguese
Belisario Franca
Belisario Franca Script, Director...
Lula Cerri
Lula Cerri Director of Photography
Rogério Costa
Rogério Costa Art Direction
Yan Motta
Yan Motta Editor
Ivanildo Silva
Ivanildo Silva Sound Editor

Production Companies

Globo Filmes, Giros