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Borsalino City

  • 7.5 10
  • 2016
  • Nonemin
Borsalino City
  • English, French, Italian

The history of the birth of an icon, the Borsalino hat. From the factory where it was conceived in a small Italian town, to the glamorous world of Hollywood.

Borsalino City
  • English, French, Italian
Enrica Viola
Enrica Viola Writer, Director...
Paola Rota
Paola Rota Writer
Vito Martinelli
Vito Martinelli Sound Editor
Paolo Armao
Paolo Armao Sound Mixer
Luciano Federici
Luciano Federici Director of photography
Simone Bachini
Simone Bachini Producer
Virginie Guibbaud
Virginie Guibbaud Associate Producer
Adriano Bassi
Adriano Bassi Production Manager
Piero Tosi
Piero Tosi Himself
Eddie Muller
Eddie Muller Himself

Production Companies