Born to be Born

  • 9.5 10
  • 2021
  • 108min
Born to be Born
  • Original Title: Néixer per Néixer

A groundbreaking documentary that delves into the heart of innovative education, capturing the natural and unforced essence of children's experiences through a serene and contemplative cinematic lens.

Born to be Born

Born to be Born - Educational, Authentic, Cinematic, Serene

This amazing documentary offers a unique and introspective take on documentary filmmaking, focusing on a public school that embraces innovative educational methods and an end-of-year trip. The film deviates from conventional documentary styles, embodying Andrei Tarkovsky's vision of cinema as a sculptor of time. The camera's calm and unobtrusive presence allows for a genuine and serene observation of the children, capturing their natural behavior without any pressure to perform or conform. This approach not only reflects the authenticity of the children's experiences but also aligns seamlessly with the film's educational ethos, presenting a narrative that is both subtle and profound, free from ostentation.

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