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Born This Way

  • 10 10
  • 2013
  • 55min

Being gay in Cameroon, you have to face the daily struggle of not being able to express your physical love publicly, in the shadows of a law that punishes it. This is the inspiring story of four young gay people in this African country.


AWARDS: Winner for Best Documentary. OUTFEST Los Angeles/ Winner of the Golden Butterfly. Amnesty International/ Best Documentary. Madrid Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Berlin International Film Festival/ Durban International Film Festival/ Frameline International Film Festival/ Human Rights Watch International Film Festival/ Mix International Film Festival

Born This Way. Being gay in Africa

The film begins with a mysterious, poetically lit scene of the hidden faces of two lesbians in a kind of confessional room. Protected by their anonymity, they speak freely about the limitations they have as a couple to show their love to each other in front of others, always with the threat of imprisonment if they are denounced as gay people.

Like them, thousands of people are arrested every year in Cameroon for their non-heterosexual inclination. This documentary, premiered at the Berlin Film Festival, takes a fresh and contemporary look at a group of young gay people trying to make their way through a homophobic society and navigate towards a future with more freedoms for the African LGBTI community.

Shaun Kadlec
Shaun Kadlec Director
Deb Tullmann
Deb Tullmann Director

Production Companies

Mrs. Lockhart Productions

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