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Born Free - A New Adventure

  • 4 10
  • 1996
  • Nonemin
Born Free - A New Adventure
  • English

Another thrilling adventure for Elsa the lioness as she works her magic on two teenagers struggling with changes in their life.

Born Free - A New Adventure
  • English
Joy Adamson
Joy Adamson Author
Jonathan Brandis
Jonathan Brandis Randolph 'Rand' Thompson
Ariana Richards
Ariana Richards Valerie 'Val' Porter
Chris Noth
Chris Noth Dr. David Thompson
Lea Moreno Young
Lea Moreno Young Gina Thompson
Linda Purl
Linda Purl Eleanor Porter
John Matshikiza
John Matshikiza George Luello
Pamela Nomvete
Pamela Nomvete Ondine Luello
Vicky Kente
Vicky Kente Selena Wilkinson