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  • 2002
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  • English

One thing we love in wakeboarding videos, is a video that has a unique style and original feel to it. That is "Boombox". Justin Stephens and Cadmium Productions spent some time with the Pointless Posse along with Scott Byerly and Gregg Necrason to put together a video that just flat out works! The music in Boombox was all done by one artist called MYG from Portland, Oregon, and the music is full of great beats that go well with wakeboarding, and would sound great coming out of any boombox. Each rider has a strong section featuring some of the latest and greatest tricks in wakeboarding, and much of the film was shot from unique helicopter angles.

  • English
Justin Stephens
Justin Stephens Editor, Director...
Ronn Seidenglanz
Ronn Seidenglanz Camera Operator
Brian Grubb
Brian Grubb Camera Operator
Shawn Watson
Shawn Watson Shawn Watson
Chad Sharpe
Chad Sharpe Chad Sharpe
Shane Bonifay
Shane Bonifay Shane Bonifay
Brian Grubb
Brian Grubb Brian Grubb
Scott Byerly
Scott Byerly Scott Byerly
Erik Ruck
Erik Ruck Erik Ruck
Parks Bonifay
Parks Bonifay Parks Bonifay
Nick Weinacker
Nick Weinacker Nick Weinacker
Gregg Necrason
Gregg Necrason Gregg Necrason
Francois Roy
Francois Roy Francois Roy
Danny Harf
Danny Harf Danny Harf

Production Companies

Cadmium Productions