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  • 2021
  • 46min
  • Original Title: Blockchain

With a global perspective, this educational documentary sheds light on the evolution of one of the most revolutionary economic technologies of recent times: the blockchain.


Blockchain. More than bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and business innovation

For the first time, a documentary takes a look at the key events that have shaped the evolution of the blockchain industry over the past decade in the most intuitive way. 

From the controversial Bitcoin to the blockchain community disputes; from the rising smart contracts, the "value internet system" under the blockchain concept, and even the bubble scams caused by new technologies ......

Focusing on technology, business innovation, and education, we reproduce creative documentary content with a , providing a different kind of documentary from a global perspective.

Bianca Chen
Bianca Chen Director
Siya Ding
Siya Ding Director

Production Companies

OX3 TV Production LLC

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