Black Lagoon

  • 7.5 10
  • 2020
  • 34min

Welcome to the mythical mountains of Peru. In its depths, the rites practiced by the locals perpetuate ancestral myths. A sensitive and atmospheric film about Andean metaphysics.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: International Film Festival Rotterdam/ Muestra Internacional de Cine de Bogotá/ Lima Alterna

Black Lagoon. The rites of deep Peru

With a delicate and profound gaze at the thick landscape of a mountainous area of Peru, director Felipe Esparza rehearses this sensorial film about a small community and its daily rituals.

The everyday suddenly mutates into the extraordinary when ancestral religious ceremonies are performed by local shamans. A deep red color, the mist and the piercing sound of the wild complement the impression of this metaphysical moment.

Observational, experimental and deeply human, the documentary makes a neutral record of traditional Peruvian rituals through a markedly authorial gaze.

Felipe Esparza
Felipe Esparza Director

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