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Black Beauty Breed

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  • 2014
  • Nonemin
Black Beauty Breed
  • English

Loyal, highly intelligent and courageous, the Rottweiler is often misunderstood. Black Beauty Breed is a feature length documentary that brings you closer to the dog behind the perceived intimidating image and highlights the positive abilities and character traits that make the Rottweiler an incredible dog. With stunning original film footage, Black Beauty Breed captures the soul of the Rottweiler and challenges your perception of them as vicious and unstable dogs. Intimate footage brings you closer to the real Rottweiler and their colorful heritage as a working dog that dates back to ancient Roman times. Fascinating facts about this noble breed will be revealed for the first time ever in a film and will forever change the image of the Rottweiler.

Black Beauty Breed
  • English
Angie Ruiz
Angie Ruiz Director, Writer...
Lincoln Lewis
Lincoln Lewis Director of photography
Gabriel Gely
Gabriel Gely Director of photography
Thomas Corkran
Thomas Corkran Sound Designer