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  • 0 10
  • 2001
  • Nonemin

The film follows five dancers on an all-white, moving set. At first they wear highly stylised, predominantly white costumes before switching to all-white leotards and coloured cellophane headdresses with matching extensions on each of their fingers. The dancers form complex compositions comparable to abstract paintings and hold their poses in tableaux. At other points they explore parts of the moving scenography.

Daria Martin
Daria Martin Director
Patrick Keating
Patrick Keating Director of Photography
Brian Kehew
Brian Kehew Original Music Composer
Matilde Matteucci
Matilde Matteucci Assistant Director
Anthony Pierson
Anthony Pierson Still Photographer
Ramona Trent
Ramona Trent Still Photographer
Felisa Funes
Felisa Funes Costume Supervisor
Trevor Watson
Trevor Watson Costume Supervisor
Zee Graham
Zee Graham Makeup Artist
Rachel Romero
Rachel Romero Makeup Artist