Bird Island

  • 9 10
  • 2019
  • 61min
Bird Island
  • Original Title: L'île aux oiseaux

When he arrives at a rehabilitation center for birds, Antonin, a man suffering from persistent fatigue, begins to see life differently among potentially flying objects.

Bird Island

Bird Island. A sanctuary for birds and humans

Filmmakers Maya Kosa and Sergio Da Costa came up with the idea of making this documentary after discovering a bird rehabilitation center by chance next to an airport by bringing an injured swift in 2013.

They were struck by the strange cohabitation between sick and injured birds in aviaries and airplanes flying over the center almost continuously, causing a deafening noise. 

There was something violent and absurd about it. The unreal character of the place was reinforced by the different decors created for each aviary, reminding of real biotopes.

These and other sensations emerge in every frame of this beautiful documentary premiered at the prestigious Locarno Film Festival.

Maya Kosa
Maya Kosa Director

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