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Billion Dollar Fish

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
Billion Dollar Fish
  • English

The River Danube is home to a fish that grows larger than the Great White Shark. Although it leads a secretive life, the Beluga Sturgeon – the King of the Danube – produces the most prized food in the whole world. For over 200 million years, the 8-metre long fish had no enemies, and yet today it is on the verge of extinction. Evolution did not prepare the fish for pollution, river regulation and overfishing. Beluga caviar is traded for up to 20,000 dollars per kilogramme. Ironically, the high price of this precious product could save the animals from a premature disappearance from planet earth.

Billion Dollar Fish
  • English
Alfred Schwarzenberger
Alfred Schwarzenberger Writer, Director
Sabine Holzer
Sabine Holzer Executive Producer

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