Bianco Ibbiddina

  • 8 10
  • 2020
  • 5min
Bianco Ibbiddina
  • Original Title: Bianco Ibbiddina

Two women in different times and spaces try to solve the trauma of the earthquake of Gibellina, occurred in '68. Are they both the same woman?

Bianco Ibbiddina

Bianco Ibbiddina. The mystery of the six of copes

Mixing dramatization and documentary air in a single experimental will, this short film evokes the fears and memories of Anna, an Italian woman in whose mind still echoes the tragedy of the Gibellina earthquake occurred in '68.

Director Davde Salimbeni uses a parallel montage of scenes of Anna in her living room and those of a young woman wandering in an old building. Both times seem to be linked by an enigmatic symbol: the card of the six of copes.

Production Companies

Davide Salimbeni

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