Beyond the Stage

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  • 2016
  • 51min
Beyond the Stage
  • Original Title: Beyond the Stage

Discover the intricate world of La Monnaie-De Munt opera house in Brussels, where over four hundred dedicated individuals work to uphold the grand tradition of opera in a time when culture faces challenges in Europe.

Beyond the Stage

Beyond the Stage - 

Set against the backdrop of La Monnaie-De Munt opera house in Brussels, this documentary offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the bustling world of opera production. Spanning two opera seasons, it captures the essence of what makes an opera house tick, from the performers on stage to the numerous staff in workshops and offices. More than four hundred individuals, both in the spotlight and hidden from view, collaborate to bring the grandeur of opera to life, upholding the shared utopia of this art form. The film also explores the opera house's relationship with the broader society, particularly in a time when cultural pursuits are increasingly sidelined in Europe, posing critical questions about the role and relevance of opera in contemporary times.

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