Beyond The Factory

  • 8 10
  • 2019
  • 48min
Beyond The Factory
  • Original Title: Beyond the Facade (2009)

After spending 30 years of his life working in an iconic industrial factory, Marc Coton begins a journey of introspection and identity when the factory suddenly closes its doors.

Beyond The Factory

Beyond the Factory. The images of an industrial heritage

Haunted by images of the factory in which he worked for 30 years, Marc Coton meets his former colleagues to find an answer to a question left open by the sudden closure of this industrial flagship: "now that the factory has closed, what have we become?"

As a result of this introspective journey, Marc, who is now unemployed, is confronted as much with his past as with an inventory of the labour world in a once industrial city.

His quest is filled with the glimmers of everyday life, reunions, mysterious tools, zany brass bands, all elements that remind us of the strength of an intangible heritage.

Maxime Coton
Maxime Coton Director

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