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Beyond the 7 Colors

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  • 2012
  • Nonemin
Beyond the 7 Colors
  • Portuguese

Immersed in the lively night scene in the heart of São Paulo, Augusta Street, Daniela Glamour Garcia leads us in this queer chronic about the conflicts of whom decided to live on the margins of what is considered "normal". Could the rules, limits, classes and categories that are imposed on us make us feel confortable within ourselves?

Beyond the 7 Colors
  • Portuguese
Camila Biau
Camila Biau Director, Screenplay...
Lucas Kakuda
Lucas Kakuda Director of Photography
Juliana Lemes
Juliana Lemes Production Director
Anahí Borges
Anahí Borges Executive Producer
Marcos Verdugo
Marcos Verdugo Executive Producer

Production Companies

Brodagem Filmes

Aranhas Films