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Beyond Citizen Kane

  • 3 10
  • 1993
  • Nonemin
Beyond Citizen Kane
  • Original Title: Muito Além do Cidadão Kane

Beyond Citizen Kane (1993) is a British documentary film directed by Simon Hartog, produced by John Ellis, and broadcast on Channel 4. It details the dominant position of the Rede Globo media group in the Brazilian society, discussing the group's influence, power, and political connections.[2] Globo's president and founder Roberto Marinho came in for particular criticism, being compared with fictional newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane, created by Orson Welles for the 1941 film Citizen Kane. According to the documentary, Marinho's media group engages in the same Kane wholesale manipulation of news to influence the public opinion.

Beyond Citizen Kane

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broadcast on Channel 4 british

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