Between Classes There Are Dreams

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  • 2016
  • 18min
Between Classes There Are Dreams
  • Original Title: Between Classes There Are Dreams

This documentary follows Wu and Tang, two young Chinese trying to find their true passion in life amidst the pressures and high expectations of their families and today's Chinese society.

Between Classes There Are Dreams


Between Classes There Are Dreams. Young people in today's China

High expectations from parents, teachers and future employers last on shoulders of young Jiaotong University students, like Wu and Tang, the protagonists of this film. 

At the same time there’s an urge to find a romantic companion and experience more in life than a well paid job in the future. Today’s job market in Shanghai is tough. Only the best will make it. 

There is a general belief that after the job situation is settled, everything else will fall into place. Is there anything more important in life than having career opportunities? How do you fall in love on a University Campus with 20’000 students? 

How do you cope with personal struggles and uncertainties? Those are questions I was interested when filming at one of Chinas Elite Universities. 

Simon Weber
Simon Weber Director

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