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Betting the Farm

  • 9 10
  • 2012
  • 83min
Betting the Farm
  • Original Title: Betting the Farm

This Documentary offers an authentic lens into the struggles and hopes of Maine dairy farmers who take a risky leap of faith, creating their own milk company to save their farms and way of life.

Betting the Farm

Betting the Farm - Farmers, Perseverance, Dairy, Sustainability

This Documentary presents a poignant depiction of Maine dairy farmers who, in a desperate bid to preserve their farms, establish their own milk company after being dropped by a national milk corporation. Committed to paying sustainable prices for their milk, the farmers' cooperative, MOO Milk, offers a ray of hope for the future of small-scale farming. However, with sluggish sales and accumulating debts, the farmers grapple with the question: Can they endure long enough for their risky venture to yield returns? This verité documentary intimately follows the journeys of three farmers - Aaron Bell, Vaughn Chase, and Richard Lary - and their families, offering a rare and authentic insight into the challenging lives of American farmers on the brink of change.

Cecily Pingree
Cecily Pingree Director

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