Bertha and the Wolfram

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  • 2020
  • 15min
Bertha and the Wolfram
  • Original Title: Bertha en de wolfram

A young warrior with a brush: Bertha's artistic journey becomes her weapon against a rare disease, turning adversity into inspiration at the "Eye Opener" exhibition.

Bertha and the Wolfram

Bertha and the Wolfram - Battle, Creativity, Vision, Resilience

At the tender age of 13, Bertha isn't battling the usual teenage dilemmas but a much formidable foe: Wolfram, a rare nervous system disease threatening her vision. However, she's not one to surrender. With every stroke of her paintbrush, she challenges her condition, channeling her struggles into vibrant works of art. Under the mentorship of a celebrated Belgian artist, Bertha's paintings transform into powerful symbols of hope, culminating in the "Eye Opener" - an annual art exhibition where these masterpieces not only captivate audiences but also contribute to a greater cause.

Tijs Torfs
Tijs Torfs Director

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