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Berlin - Stettin

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  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Berlin - Stettin
  • German

In his film "Berlin-Stettin", well-known documentary film director Volker Koepp embarks on a journey to the places of his own past: Born in 1944 in Stettin (now the Polish city of Szczecin) and grown up in Berlin-Karlshorst, Koepp has again and again met people and found places located between the two cities that he turned into the protagonists of his films – in Brandenburg, in Mecklenburg, and in Pomerania. Now, he once again returns to these places and finds out that his own biography overlaps with the biographies of his found again protagonists as well as with the history of this region. During his search for traces, Koepp at the same time finds new people, new regions, and new themes that are also worth becoming a part of Koepp′s narration.

Berlin - Stettin
  • German
Volker Koepp
Volker Koepp Director, Writer...
Thomas Plenert
Thomas Plenert Director of photography
Christian Lehmann
Christian Lehmann Director of photography