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Bending the Light

  • 7.7 10
  • 2014
  • 60min
Bending the Light
  • Original Title: Bending the Light (2014)

Award-winning director Michael Apted interviews the Japanese scientists in charge of manufacturing photographic lenses and leading photographers and filmmakers who use them on a daily basis.

Bending the Light
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Traverse City Film Festival

Bending the light, The experts behind photographic lenses

Filmed partially at the Canon factory in Japan, this documentary shows us the human side of the people who make it possible to capture the images that illustrate the colorful and amazing world in which we live.

For director Michael Apted, the manufacturing process of the lenses is not as important as knowing what it means for these experts that their knowledge to shape the journey of light through space and objects serves to document the passage of time on earth.

Most of the interviewees are photographers with outstanding international experience either in still photography or in the filmmaking industry, which allows us to have different visions about photography and how this art has changed their lives.

Among the testimonies collected by Apted are those of Stephen Boldblatt (Batman Forever), Sports Illustrated photographer Simon Brutty and prominent Egyptian photojournalist Laura El-Tantawy.

Michael Apted
Michael Apted Director

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