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  • 2013
  • Nonemin
  • English

Regardless of one's opinion of religion or God, there is a lack of understanding and communication of ideology with respect to these concepts. Believers follows a personal investigation of the world's five major faith systems, Agnosticism, and the new Atheism. However, what began as a simple search for the value of religion in the modern world evolved into a personal journey to spirituality. This documentary will educate and inform your worldview, as well as challenge what you think you know about Religion.

  • English
Aaron Porteous
Aaron Porteous Producer
Sacha Sewhdat
Sacha Sewhdat Producer
Zafar Bangash
Zafar Bangash Himself - Sunni Muslim Imam
Trevor Garrett
Trevor Garrett Himself - Protestant Christian Pastor
Martin Lockshin
Martin Lockshin Himself - Orthodox Jewish Rabbi
Bhante Saranapala
Bhante Saranapala Himself - Theravada Buddhist Monk
Sacha Sewhdat
Sacha Sewhdat Himself - Host
Roopnauth Sharma
Roopnauth Sharma Himself - Hindu Pandit
Kevin Smith
Kevin Smith Himself - Atheist Columnist