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Being Human

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  • 2005
  • Nonemin
Being Human
  • French

Zoom-out from a too-tight focus on problems like dropout rates, loss of motivation among students, and depression among teachers. Entering the daily lives of "problem cases" at a Montreal secondary school that sits at the bottom of the school performance rankings, Denys Desjardins sweeps away preconceptions about the quality of teaching in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and the alleged delinquency of the kids who live there. A far-reaching examination of student life that stimulates reflection on the role of school in our society and asks how willing we are to support and finance the school system so that it will not be merely a factory churning out parts for the social machine.

Being Human
  • French
Yves Bisaillon
Yves Bisaillon Producer
Sandro Forte
Sandro Forte Original Music Composer
Simon Bellefleur
Simon Bellefleur Original Music Composer