Being Captain Zero

  • 9 10
  • 2009
  • 61min
Being Captain Zero
  • Original Title: Being Captain Zero (2009)

This is the story of Allan and Patrick, two surfers that grew up together in Montauk, New York, who used to transport Marihuana from Colombia and Jamaica into the United States by sea and air. Several years later, they tell their story.

Being Captain Zero

AWARDS: Winner. Honolulu International Film Festival

Being Captain Zero. The tale of two 1970s era marijuana smugglers

This is a dynamic documentary about two 1970s era marijuana smugglers who were forced to separate when they got too successful. 

Nothing could prepare them for what they saw when they reunited 20 years later. Based on the best selling book 'In search of Captain Zero'. Shot in 3 countries with beautiful production value.

Ama MacDonald
Ama MacDonald Director

Production Companies

Echelon Studios

Ama Mcdonald

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