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Becoming Animal

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  • 2018
  • 78min
Becoming Animal
  • Original Title: Becoming Animal

This Documentary is a meditative exploration of our profound connections and interactions with the natural world, prompting a transformative self-awareness of our own animal nature.

Becoming Animal

OFFICIAL ELECTION: CPH:DOX/ Documenta Madrid/ Docs Against Gravity/ Bildrausch Filmfest, Basel/ Edinburgh International Film Festival/ FilmFest Munchen

Becoming Animal - Nature, Reflection, Connection, Transformation

This Documentary is a profound and meditative journey into the intricacies of our connection with the animal kingdom. This unique cinematic exploration dares us to step beyond our urban, human-centric lifestyles and plunge into an intimate interaction with the natural world. The documentary serves as a mirror to our actions, encouraging us to ponder our place in the ecosystem, the experience of living within an animal body, and the transformative potential this understanding brings.

Emma Davie
Emma Davie Director

Production Companies

Maximage / SDI Productions Ltd

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