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Beah: A Black Woman Speaks

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  • 2003
  • Nonemin
Beah: A Black Woman Speaks
  • English

Beah: A Black Woman Speaks is a 2003 documentary about the life of Academy Award nominated actress Beah Richards. Directed by Lisa Gay Hamilton, it won the Documentary Award at the AFI Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2003.

Beah: A Black Woman Speaks
  • English
LisaGay Hamilton
LisaGay Hamilton Director, Producer
Jonathan Demme
Jonathan Demme Producer
Neda Armian
Neda Armian Producer
Liz Heller
Liz Heller Supervising Producer
Joe Viola
Joe Viola Producer
Ossie Davis
Ossie Davis Himself
Bill Cobbs
Bill Cobbs Himself
Whitman Mayo
Whitman Mayo Himself
Ruby Milsap
Ruby Milsap Herself
Ruby Dee
Ruby Dee Herself

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