Ballet Boys

  • 9.6 10
  • 2014
  • 71min
Ballet Boys
  • Original Title: Ballettguttene

Filmed over four years, this short film follows a group of young men who, amidst doubts, laughter and twists, give their all to succeed in the world of ballet.

Ballet Boys

AWARDS: Children's Jury 2nd Prize. Chicago International Children's Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Thessaloniki Documentary Festival/ EURODOK/ Amandus Film Festival/ Dok.fest München/ Krakow Film Festival/ Festroia International Film Festival/ The Norwegian Short Film Festival/ Edinburgh International Film Festival/ Scandinavian Film Festival/ Hong Kong International Film Festival/ Kristiansand Children Film Festival/ Bergen International Film Festival/ Helsinki International Film Festival/ Reykjavik International Film Festival/ Mostra International Film Festival/ Nordic Film Days/ Chicago International Children’s Film Festival/ Oulu International Children’s Film Festival/ IDFA/ Palm Springs International Film Festival/ Dance On Camera film festival/ Gøteborg International Film Festival/ Dansefestivalen Context/ Palm Springs International Film Festival/ Northern Lights Film Festival/ New York International Children’s Film Festival/ Cacalorus International Film Festival/ Trondheim Dokumentarfestival/ YOUNGABOUT International Film Festival/ International Festival of Films on Art/ EPOS Film Art Festival/ The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival/ Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth/ The Int. Festival of Films on Art Montreal/ Oulo Children's and Youth Film Festival/ International Children’s Film Carnival/ Verdens Beste – Tromsø Children’s Film Festival/ Nordic Docs/ Berkshire International Film Festival/ Prescott Film Festival/ Flahertiana/ Ottawa International Film Festival

Ballet Boys. Trying to be the next Billy Elliot

It's not easy being a teenager - at least not when your dream is to be the next Billy Elliot.
Ballet Boys follows three aspiring ballet dancers through disappointment, triumph, friendship, first love, doubt, faith, as they follow their ambition and find their own way. 

In short, the film covers everything about being a teenager, mixed together with the beautiful expression of ballet. Over four years we watch the boys become young men, and witness friendships form and separate.

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