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Bagpiper Antalík

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  • 1982
  • Nonemin
Bagpiper Antalík
  • Slovak

Documentary about the life of Jozef Antalík and his wife. The social ethnographic documentary presents a portrait of a folk artist introducing his interesting personality and music while defining his environment and sources of inspiration.

Bagpiper Antalík
  • Slovak
Marian Urban
Marian Urban Director, Writer...
Dezo Ursiny
Dezo Ursiny Director, Writer...
Jozef Lietavec
Jozef Lietavec Director of photography
Stano Ucník
Stano Ucník Production Manager
Oskár Elschek
Oskár Elschek Creative Consultant
Marcela Jurovská
Marcela Jurovská Dramaturgy

Production Companies

Slovenská Filmová Tvorba