Back to the land

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 12min
Back to the land
  • Original Title: Retour sur le Territoire

In the shadow of Fukushima's nuclear disaster, a short film unveils the hauntingly deserted towns and the lives silently echoing within them.

Back to the land

Back to the land - Ghost Towns, Reflection, Resilience

This short film is a creation of Gilles Laurent, brought to life by his editor Marie-Hélène Mora and producer Cyril Bibas. It provides an intimate look at the desolate landscape surrounding the Fukushima nuclear plant. Through the lens of Laurent Fénart, the cameraman, viewers are transported into the eerie silence of abandoned towns, juxtaposed with poignant encounters with the inhabitants who remain. The film captures the haunting beauty and the profound impact of the disaster on both the land and its people.

Gilles Laurent
Gilles Laurent Director

Production Companies

CVB (Centre Video de Bruxelles)

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