Azure Dust

  • 9 10
  • 2016
  • 71min
Azure Dust
  • Original Title: Azure Dust

In the fast-paced style of those TV documentaries we all love, this film is a gripping expedition to the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone 30 years after the nuclear disaster.

Azure Dust

Azure Dust. A guide to the exclusion zone in Chernobyl

The story about Chernobyl area, all around the world we know of the disaster in 1986. 

This documentary is a guide to the Exclusion Zone in Chernobyl, Ukraine. Thanks to the unique footage from the place of the 1986 nuclear disaster that the crew succeeded to capture, the viewers will have a chance for a full immersion into the atmosphere of the events and, along with the heroes of the film, feel the dreadful and amazing air that reigns where one of the major anthropogenic tragedies took place. 

The hero of the film will be the STALKER, a guide taking tourists to the Zone for money. The filmmakers picked him among the many professionals of this trade that almost literally incarnated in Chernobyl from the Strugatskys’ novel Roadside Picnic. 

All the stories of the Zone are threaded on the storyline of the journey with the stalker. In these stories, like in the Strugatskys’ novel, invisible dangers lurk behind every bush — cesium is scattered around in unseen spots, and each of these is fraught with hazard of exposure.

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