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  • 10 10
  • 2015
  • Nonemin

This film is a story, testimony and documentation of the forced disappearance of 43 student teachers, which exposes the criminal complicity between the police and military authorities, between the political and economic elites and criminal organizations in Mexico, which appear to be different forces, but respond to similar interests.

Xavier Robles
Xavier Robles Screenplay, Director...
Ezequiel Reyes
Ezequiel Reyes Editorial Services
Alejandro Licona
Alejandro Licona Lighting Supervisor
Guadalupe Ortega
Guadalupe Ortega Producer, Translator...
Bruno Santamaría Razo
Bruno Santamaría Razo Director of photography
Mauricio Celi
Mauricio Celi Additional Photography
Alex Argüelles
Alex Argüelles Camera Operator
Saudhi Batalla
Saudhi Batalla Camera Operator
Sol Gómez
Sol Gómez Camera Operator
Armando Martínez
Armando Martínez Sound Recordist
Acelo Ruíz Villanueva
Acelo Ruíz Villanueva Sound Recordist
Miguel Sandoval
Miguel Sandoval Sound Recordist
Martín Hardy
Martín Hardy Assistant Director
Julio Baltazar
Julio Baltazar Production Accountant
Mariano Valencia
Mariano Valencia Production Accountant
Ángel Espinoza
Ángel Espinoza Production Accountant
Sergio Guadarrama
Sergio Guadarrama Camera Intern
Mario Tapia
Mario Tapia Driver
Juanjo Rodríguez
Juanjo Rodríguez Music Editor, Sound Montage Associate...
Samuel Betanzos
Samuel Betanzos Sound Editor, Sound Designer...
Aldo Domínguez
Aldo Domínguez Sound Editor, Sound mixer...
Viko Malrostro
Viko Malrostro Color Timer
Alejandra Arenas
Alejandra Arenas Color Timer
Rodolfo Juárez
Rodolfo Juárez Post Production Supervisor
Yuli Rodríguez
Yuli Rodríguez Translator
Alejandra Maciel
Alejandra Maciel Translator
Adriana Canovas
Adriana Canovas Translator
Franziska Surber
Franziska Surber Translator
Josué Piña
Josué Piña Translator
Nancy Soto
Nancy Soto Translator
Pablo Spravkin
Pablo Spravkin Executive Producer
Erik Zarza
Erik Zarza Executive Producer
Marco Vinicio Dávila
Marco Vinicio Dávila Production Office Assistant
Ángel Chávez
Ángel Chávez Production Office Assistant
María Rojo
María Rojo Thanks

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